The history of kitesurfing

Kitesurfing is a relatively young sport discipline. Every year, Kitesurfing attracts more and more fans and people who still want to improve their skills and people who just want to spend their time in this way. There are some important dates in the history of kitesurfing that have played an important role in its construction:

1826 George Potock, for the first time to drive, instead of a sail he used a kite

1903 American Samuel Cody managed to defeat the English Channel, thanks to the aforementioned kite

1970 the first two-liter kite (delta) is created, which is used to propel small boats and whose constructor was an Englishman – Peter Powell

1977 Dutchman Gijsbertus Adrianus Panhuizen was the first to use the power of a kite to swim in a standing position on a board.
He patented his invention and although he did not bring him significant financial benefits, he is today considered the inventor of kitesurfing

1978 the first kite is created, which has an inflatable main chamber, and its constructor was DaveCulp, originally from the USA

1985 French brothers Dominique and Bruno Legaignoux constructed the first inflatable kite. It allows you to take off directly from the water. They named their „child” a wipika – after two years he was patented

1994 for the first time by Peter Lynn was used the name „kitesurfer” to be the term of a kite-driven catamaran. Two years later, sport begins to enjoy increasing popularity in the south of France and Hawaii, and is also becoming popular in the media.

1997, the F-one company launches the production of special boards intended for kitesurfing. The following year – 1998 in Hawaii the first kitesurfing World Championships take place.

1999 four-year kites appear on the market thanks to Naish

Kitesurfing had its greatest heyday in the 90s. Every year, more and more places are created around the world, where you can try your skills, meet different people and experience an amazing adventure. Kitesurfing provides a wonderful experience, you can feel free, provide a lot of fun. Knowledge of those who tried their adventure with kitesurfing 😉


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